Wednesday, 10 June 2009

oh dear

I seem to be following myself.. I don't know how to unfollow.

But maybe this is quite apt as I think I AM the personification of a dog chasing its own tail.


artquest1 said...

Your exclamation almost seems to come from a long-lost bit of Lewis Carroll dialogue. Perhaps from an unexpurgated copy of Looking Glass?
But when you think about it, there might be wonderful reasons to follow ones self - not only would you be able to keep track of what your doing in a more clear light, but it would give you the advantage of a re-do button. When you found yourself running amuck several steps ahead of yourself, perhaps you would be able to de-muck some of your more egregious actions.
Perhaps . . . Bob

Lisa Brown said...

yes.. I like that. I can keep myself in check and stop myself if I seem to be being silly. So I will continue following myself.